Giuseppe Aulitto

Born in 1947 in Pozzuoli, son of the first post-war generation, as a boy develops a creative sensibility that manifests itself in pictorial works of nature and making mosaics.
During the period of adolescence is in contact with the first camera and immediately takes the passion.
Completed high school and university studies in Agricultural Science, teaching you skills and begins an exciting touring experience as a professor of natural sciences, in which the use of audio-visual experience in the activity of teaching.
In the late '70s he decided to leave the world of the school to confront a new reality, seemingly distant, if not opposed, to their own inclinations.
He moved to Rome to start the ministerial career, culminating with the title of general manager in November 2011.

"Liberated" work by the distraction, is delivered to photography, elected sincere companion of every moment of their existence.
The nature and the rural world as a whole are, in simple and engaging facets, the center of his attention.

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